Saturday, March 10, 2007

Dans Le Noir

I went to a restaurant called Dans Le Noir (French for In the Dark) in London with some colleagues whose basic premise is that everything is in the dark. Guests are walked into the dining room by a blind guide and enter pitch black darkness. You are then seated at your table with a plate, fork, knife, and glasses in front. Prior to entering, a dinner selection is made such as Meat, fish, or vegetable but you do not know what it will be. This helps to increase the experience of utilizing senses other than sight to taste and smell the food. Conversation is also a bit different since you cannot see anyone else and base everything on the sound of co-dinners voices. It really heightens your sense of hearing as well as taste and smell. I ended up having a lamb and potato dinner followed by some kind of wildberry pudding. (learned this following the meal) It was a unique experience which I recommend. Alternatively, one could blind fold themself to get a similar experience.

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