Sunday, July 08, 2018

Worship in Pain and Brokeness

Via Dolorosa Sign in Jerusalem
Via Dolorosa
What is your response to pain and brokenness? Do you become angry, sad, frustrated, fearful, and/or nervous? A natural response can be to pray for God to heal the physical or emotional pain and brokenness. But what about when you continue to experience it even after praying? What then?

At the moment, I have a shoulder injury that according to the doctor will not heal on its own without surgery. I have experienced a range of thoughts and emotions over the past couple of months and began praying early on for healing. He made me and created every aspect of my body. He knows the pain and limitations I've experienced. He knows the questions and emotions I've experienced.

I am still praying for and believing God for supernatural healing but even if He chooses not to heal me that way, I will continue to worship Him through it. I will thank him for medical professionals who know how to partner with Him in healing and ask Him to give them skill in providing treatment. Medical treatment does not qualify as a second class healing.

I want God's best in however he chooses to provide healing and will continue to seek His glory and honor through this. I will not allow the devil to steal joy from me because of the situation and will defy him by continuing to worship the Lord.

Pray boldly and with confidence! May He receive more glory.

In pursuit of His best,

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