Monday, September 23, 2013

Experiencing the Creator in Creation

Sunrise From Stone Mountain
Photo by Andrew Allen Photography

Since the dawn of time, God has given us beautiful waterfalls, mountains, sunrises and sunsets, forests, streams, stars, moon, flowers, animals, and ocean waves.  As a mother or father creates environments for their children to learn, grow, and have fun in, so too God has created environments for each of His children and invites us into His creation.

We will always be attracted to and seek out beautiful things. Rather than settling for cheap imitations or counterfeit beauty, choose to experience the authentic beauty of God’s creation.

You are special to Him and He wants to you to experience all that He has planned for you. No matter where you live, there's always some part of nature you can enjoy. If you haven't intentionally gone outside to enjoy nature recently, unplug the technology, turn off the noise and get out in the Father's world. That might mean a hike in the forest, checking out a starlit night, a trip to the lake, waking up early to see a sunrise, sitting on the beach and watching the tide roll in, or some other beauty of creation.

Take a Bible and maybe a journal and just spend time enjoying nature and talking with God. Some of the best times of connection with Him can come in those moments of experiencing the beauty of His creation.

This happened for me recently when I hiked to the top of Stone Mountain to watch the sunrise. Part of my reading for that morning was Psalm 65 which talks throughout the chapter about creation and God’s blessing. One verse particularly struck a chord as I watched the sunrise: “...where morning dawns and evening fades you call forth songs of joy.” -Psalm 65:8

You are the pinnacle of the Creator's creation; take hold of His blessings and experience His creation fully.

In pursuit of His best,


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