Monday, January 01, 2007


Part of the northern UK tour included a stop in the town of York. Not New York but the original. York in contrast to New York is a quaint town with a massive minster (basically a cathedral). It's my favorite cathedral/church/minster that I've seen. It is very large and ornate in architecture. The inside has numerous beautiful stained glass windows and the acoustics for music were quite nice as well. A youth choir/orchestra was rehearsing while we were there so we got a taste of the Christmas music they would be performing.

For breakfast on the morning we were in York, we went to a tea room and partook of a basic English breakfast chased by a cup of tea. York is really a neat little place with all kinds of shops and street musicians. One way to describe it is a town with lots of character.

We also checked out the National Rail museum which had loads of train history and actual trains and train cars which have been used in the past. One demonstration included at the museum was how a turntable is used to alter the direction of a train engine. Back in the day, they did this using a mechanism powered by hand but electric motor is used today.

Inside York Minster

York Minster

York Train Station

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