Friday, April 21, 2006

Running Advice Installment 7

Howdy team,

In this segment, we'll be briefly discussing sidestiches (aka cramping of the abdomen). It is notcertain what causes this although some theorize itcould be related to air pockets. This can be fairlyintense in pain and may feel like a knife stabbing inthe side. Essentially, there is a constriction of theabdomen and we need to stretch it out. To perform thisstretching, take a deep breath with your abdomen(belly breathing), hold for a few moments, then blowout rapidly through pursed lips (like a fish). Thishelps to stretch out the abdomen. Repeat severaltimes. If this does not seem to help, stop to walkuntil the cramping reduces. Something else to keep inmind is to limit eating immediately before running.
Happy running,

Coach Andrew

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