Sunday, July 05, 2015

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Have you ever spent more than a few moments looking at yourself in the mirror? Time fixing your hair, makeup, brushing your teeth or otherwise taking care of your appearance doesn't count. Just time looking at yourself, your eyes, the emotions displayed in your face, and how God made you.

Others see us all the time and how we express ourselves but we mostly just live in our heads. Use this as an exercise in conjunction with prayer. Talk to God as you look at yourself in the mirror. It facilitates honesty. You can't hide behind flowery language or mask over the emotions inside. You already know if you're bluffing or not but seeing yourself while knowing the thoughts on the inside creates an opportunity for real candor.

Whether you're happy with how life's going or are experiencing challenging circumstances, use this exercise as a way to get real with God. Be aware though, it may be more difficult than you think and take you to deeper places of intimacy with God.

I've read that looking into someone's eyes for four minutes can create a deep connection. See how it works as you examine your own eyes and explore your soul with God.

In pursuit of His best,


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