Saturday, June 30, 2012

Is Jesus Your Compass?

GPS units are great except when they’re not. Ever been tracking exactly with the GPS directions only to find that you’re definitely not where you planned on going? This might mean an update to the GPS software is needed or that the address was incorrect.

Direction in life can be that way too. The reliability of the source of your directions will have strong correlation to where you end up in life. If you get your queues from popular media or advertising, you may end up in unwanted places. Books, podcasts, and blogs can have mixed information some good, some bad. When advice comes from trusted mentors, friends, family, and colleagues the results may be a bit more certain.

The Holy Spirit is the equivalent of a GPS with the exception that He never gives you wrong directions. You may be surprised at where He leads you but since it comes from the source of Truth, you can be certain that He won’t lead you on a wrong path.

It is important to discern the difference between the Holy Spirit’s prompting and the prompting of the burrito you had for dinner. In all seriousness though, because we live in both a spiritual and physical world there are outside influences in play, whether from the Devil or just emotions run amok, it’s critical that we keep checking back with the Bible. The Holy Spirit will not contradict the Word of God so if there is any question about the reliability of the guidance, head to the Word.

Spending time digging in to the Bible and in prayer connects us to the ultimate and purest source of Truth.  When Jesus is your compass, you can’t get lost.

Is He your compass?

In pursuit of His best,


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