Saturday, March 31, 2012

Jump Life Transformation on Amazon

The book that I helped write titled Jump: Life Transformation is now available on Amazon. (Check it out at this link)It has been used within the Jump Recovery and JMP3 ministries with quantifiable success in people's lives. It is both a good resource to work through in a group Bible study as well as providing good reference material for those going through specific challenges. While the book addresses addictive behaviors, it is broader in focus to encompass anything that gets in between you and Jesus and the abundant life that He offers.

Book Description
Do you have a problem that is holding you back from a life of freedom and joy? Do you turn to unhealthy habits, behaviors, or choices when you find yourself overwhelmed by life circumstances? Maybe you know someone who has a problem and wish you knew how to help. JUMP is about replacing hurts, problems, and unhealthy coping mechanisms with a God enabled life transformation. Are you ready? Jump in!

This book is for anyone who has a hurt, no matter how big or small. It is about the process of moving hurts away from the central focus of life and to the side so that Christ returns to the center of the hurting person's life. JUMP uses three main components. First, life experience is used to illustrate the content throughout the book. Secondly, Biblical reference is integrated into the flow of writing to show how Scripture flows into the reader's life. Finally, the authors draw from over twenty years of life recovery experience (Jeff Baird) and over forty years as a lead pastor (Vernon Armitage).

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