Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Land Between

Life sometimes brings us tough stuff and we find ourselves somewhere other than where we'd like to be. In The Land Between, Jeff Manion walks through various real life scenarios of people experiencing hardship and their responses to seeking God in the midst of it.

Manion also examines the Israelites during their time in the desert and how God took them through various experiences in order to prepare them for entering the promised land. Many times, they missed the opportunity to grow in their faith and deepening of their relationship with Him.

In speaking about difficulties, Manion says, "God intends to grow something beautiful and deep and lasting, but we must cooperate with Him for the season of hardship to work its intended transformation. Don't let your detour go waste. You are in training, and God is up to something good."

I read the book during a season of introspection and found it to be very good in helping with self examination and figuring out the relationship between my walk with God and difficult situations.

The book is not hard to read but I recommend reading it slowly to allow for sufficient reflection. It is not a do-these-5-steps-and-you'll-be-through-with-your-hardship-in-30-days type of book. But if you are open to examining circumstances and what God may be teaching you, it is an excellent guide.

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