Monday, February 05, 2007

Warwick Castle

I took a tour of 3 separate sites on Saturday. The first stop was Warwick Castle. This was built as a defence mechanism, as most castles tended to be, back a long time ago. It was also used as a residence as recently as the early 1900s and a young Winston Churchill was known to have attended parties here. The castle itself is quite large and expansive. Going up on top of the walls was fun and provided a nice view of the surrounding village. Interestingly, there was a component of the castle which included fancy furnishings for hosting parties and the like. As with any good castle, it came equiped with a dungeon. (not a place I would have wanted to stay) The day turned out quite nice (a rarity in England) and the blue sky provided a nice backdrop to an assortment of geese along the bank of the river.

Warwick Castle

Warwick Village

Warwick Castle Wall

Another unique feature of the castle was the presence of a peacock garden a short walk from the castle walls. There were around 10 peacocks either napping or walking about.

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