Sunday, January 04, 2009

Oh, That I Might Live

This post comes courtesy of my friend Ben McBee. It offers some great insight into the effects of sin.

Oh, That I Might Live

That deadening quality of sin gets you every time. Every time numbing the soul just a little further until you’re left with the gaping wound of stoicism. Only, you have no idea. People see the hole and warn, “You should do something about that!” To no avail, it seems as though vision has gone with feeling.

Til one day.

One brief moment…

You look onto your body in some flash of clarity and see that you’re hurt, badly. You don’t remember it being this bad. Just a paper cut of sorts… now what has it become? You wonder how you ever functioned with such a debilitating injury. Why have you not done something about it?

So. In this brief moment, this clarity, there is a choice to be made. As you look upon yourself you have to decide what you will do about this damaging problem. Before you snap back to the comatose state – what will you do? Address it or push it aside - one or the other must be done.

If addressed, if taken care of, a wound can heal. Yes, there will be scars. Yes, it will hurt. It can be a long process and you may even have to remove whole limbs. Is it worth it?

Maybe not?

Leave it alone. Avoid the pain, pretend it’s not really there. The wound remains infected. Infection spreads throughout the body, damaging everything in its path. A once small wound will now be the death of you.

And death, it would seem, can have some very lasting effects.

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