Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mountain Top Experience

I stand upon this mountain top looking all around
for on this mountain top your presence I have found.
Oh God of wonders you’ve brought me to this place where I can see
majesty and glory Lord you reveal to me.
I feel as though I’m soaring Lord flying high and free
encouraged, thank you for this time I’m energized with thee.

Forever I would like to stay and make this place my home
but I know it’s not possible forever to postpone.
So when you lead me from this place wherever I may go
let me Lord shine a light for all to see and know.
I cannot must not keep your truth only to myself
I must tell others of your love so they may share your wealth.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Grace and Forgiveness

This is a powerful video and song on Grace and Forgiveness that they showed at my church on Sunday. Check it out.

I Need Grace
by: Seth Condrey and Matt Melton

I never knew that words could hurt like this
They broke my heart because of what they said
Now inside it's hurting something's gotta give
I can't believe they treated me like this
what happened to love your neighbor as yourself
but deep down in my soul I know I've gotta let it go

I need grace
to show you grace
there's something that I need to say
I need grace

I really wish that we could start again
cause I miss the way it was when we were friends
Oh God please help me now 
cause only you can show me how, show me how

I need grace to show you grace
there's something that I need to say
but I need grace

It's time to start again 
erase the things you said
I forgive you, I forgive you
It's time to stand and run
Let grace overcome
I forgive you, I forgive you

Cause I found grace
to show you grace
Jesus gave His life away
and I found grace
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