Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mountain Top Experience

I stand upon this mountain top looking all around
for on this mountain top your presence I have found.
Oh God of wonders you’ve brought me to this place where I can see
majesty and glory Lord you reveal to me.
I feel as though I’m soaring Lord flying high and free
encouraged, thank you for this time I’m energized with thee.

Forever I would like to stay and make this place my home
but I know it’s not possible forever to postpone.
So when you lead me from this place wherever I may go
let me Lord shine a light for all to see and know.
I cannot must not keep your truth only to myself
I must tell others of your love so they may share your wealth.


John Gunter said...

Good post!

Have you noticed, though, that following mountain top type experiences temptations are often right around the corner?

Seems like this is a trend and why I find the times immediately following important times of faith and/or growth expereiences I need to be covered in prayer.

Just an observation I thought of upon reading this.

Thanks Andrew!

Andrew Allen said...

Yes, definitely important to be vigilant following those times. I Corinthians 10:12 comes to mind.

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