Monday, September 01, 2014

Stewarding Songs

A few months ago I read something by Bethel Music on stewarding worship and songs. This struck me powerfully not only as a song writer and worship leader but as a way of thinking about life.

There are several accounts in the Bible of the parable Jesus told about the man entrusting his servants with various amounts of money while he was on a trip. They steward this with varying levels of success. -Matthew 25:14-30

This parable applies so much to each of us in our lives today. God gifts each of us uniquely. Some are musicians, some are gifted athletically, administratively, with a business mind, relationally, with physical beauty, with intelligence, in the creative arts, in working with their hands, in leadership, encouragement, providing care, hospitality, and a host of other areas.

We need to steward these giftings well and not let them go to waste. Wayne Dyer is  famous for saying: "Don't die with your music still in you." As you think about this in context of stewardship of abilities and gifts, let your music play beautifully, without reservation, and jump at the chance to share your songs with the world. For some this will literally be music and for others it will be something like baking a cake, building a house, counseling a teenager, sharing beautiful photos you've experienced in nature, teaching a lesson, creating environments and experiences, taking care of people in need, or whatever your "music" is.

Step up to the microphone and share your song with the world. You sing it best, steward it well.

In pursuit of His best,



John Gunter said...

Great analogy of worship in steward. Enjoy seeing the tie in for all gifts and talents, not merely music. Thanks!

Andrew Allen said...

Thanks John!

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