Friday, May 11, 2012

Righteousness is a Direction Not a Line

Road with line down middle
 “For the Lord is righteous, He loves righteousness; the upright will behold His face.” –Psalm11:7

Is righteousness something you ever think about? It can be a bit of a nebulous concept where we think “Yeah, that’s something good. People should be righteous.” But what does it actually mean on a daily basis?

Sometimes right and wrong is cut and dried and the way of righteousness is abundantly clear. Other times, difficult decisions arise and the waters are murky.

It can be easy to slide towards a line of right and wrong and justify whether you’re on the right side of the line. This misses the point though. Righteousness is a direction and not a line. When we’re moving in the direction of righteousness, there’s less question about what we can and can’t justify, what we should or shouldn’t do.

It’s good to think through complex moral questions ahead of time but a guiding principle should be, “does it move me closer to God or further away?” The answer to that question will point you in the direction of righteousness.

The Bible talks about righteousness over and over and how God loves it. Righteousness is just a part of close communion with God. It means we’re in lock step with Him and seeking after His ways and goodness.

The more frequently we move in the direction of righteousness in the little things, the easier it is to discern right and wrong in the big stuff. Similar to how you might become skilled through practicing a golf swing, free throw shot, or dance move, practice will exercise the muscles of righteousness. Jesus is a great workout buddy for this type of thing and will pump you up!

Don’t let what others are doing, convenience, or what’s easiest drive your decision making. Even if it means taking a harder road, the path of righteousness leads to the riches of intimacy with God.

What are some steps you can take to move in the direction of righteousness?

In pursuit of His best,


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