Sunday, May 13, 2012


I think mamas are pretty great and wrote a song about it. Feel free to share with your mama or anyone else for that matter.

Mama ain't no one you've probably ever heard of
but she's world class when it comes to love
and she don't do big deals but she can fix a meal
so good you'll thank the Lord above

Mama celebrates every time I win
and when my heart gets broke she helps it mend
like a bear with her cubs, she gives out lots of love
and Mama talks to God every day


Well Mama ain't a lawyer or a college PhD
but you know you better listen when she speaks
cause Mama usually knows the way things seem to go
and that's about all that you could need

She can talk you through a rough patch
or just give you a hug
No that ain't much that you can't face
with the strength of Mama's love


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