Monday, December 08, 2014

Experience His Love and Grace

Chatahoochee River Sunset
Be so wrapped up in the love of Jesus that when you fall it's into His grace. Never wondering whether you're heading in the right direction. Confidently pick yourself up and run with perseverance the path marked out for you.

In that place and in that race there is immeasurable joy and a life of abundance. By his power and strength you'll face the world and a future that holds the blessings of a heart fully in love with Him. Others will fall away and miss the blessing and hope found in Him. But not you.

Keep your eyes firmly fixed on Him and His plan for your life. He has not called you to something mediocre with mere temporary accomplishment or the praise of man. He wants you to walk with Him into something much deeper.

The grace of a life filled with His presence is vastly beyond all worldly wealth or fame. No house, relationship, vacation on the beach or mountain top chalet will ever give you more than the experience of knowing Him.

He is wilder than the wildest beast, more awe inspiring than the most vivid sunset. Matchless beyond anything that could try to compare. In Him is peace where there is chaos, love where there's loneliness, hope when all seems lost, joy in the midst of loss and sadness.

Lay your head on His chest and rest in the strength of His arms. He knows and loves you, child of the King. There's nothing that could get in the way of His love for you.

As the shepherd cares for the sheep, so He protects and watches over you. He gives you food to eat and water to drink. He restores your soul and rejuvenates your spirit, leading you beside quiet streams in the forest.

His creation is beautiful and you are the crowning achievement of it all. Don't let that fact escape or go unnoticed. He loves you more than you can imagine and desires beautiful things for you.

You are His child and of immense importance. Do you comprehend the depth of his love for you? Rest here and stay awhile. Give Him time to minister to your soul. Turn off the computer, the tv, the phone, the music. Sit and listen. Give Him space to build into your life. Receive His grace.

You are the one He loves and nothing could ever take you away from Him. His love never fails. Can't you see? Can't you see, what you mean to Him? He loved you before the world began and will never stop, His love will never fail.

In pursuit of His best,


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