Thursday, May 22, 2014

Lord of the Dance

As I've thought about life with God, it can be in many ways like a dance. I've only been on the guy side of a dance so don't have experience with the following side. From a leading perspective, it's evident when a girl knows how to follow. As a queue is given to make the next move, a good follower will flow seamlessly to the next step.

In contrast, someone who is not a good follower sometimes tries to do her own thing which results in awkwardness on the dance floor. If she’ll allow herself to be led rather than making independent decisions, it's a much smoother experience for both. (This of course assumes the guy is a good leader)

Another aspect is that the more you dance with a person, the better you function and move together as a team. The various parts of the dance become more and more natural.

Similarly, in the dance of life, if we follow and allow God to lead us, it can be very natural and beautiful. You may not know what’s coming next but He will direct and lead you at just the right time into the next turn, step, or change in direction. The more you dance with Him, the more you’ll learn His queues and what He’d like you to do next.

When we try to make our own decisions, the dance becomes awkward. He will still dance with us but it results in a much different experience than He might have designed and can miss some of the beauty and mystery.

Throughout the dance of life, let the Lord of the dance lead and guide you in something beautiful.

In pursuit of His best,


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