Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Aim Your Influence

Influence is a little like gasoline. When you leverage your influence, it causes things to really kick in gear. It will accelerate the causes, goals, and tasks it’s used for so be sure you’re pouring gas on the right thing and are pointed in the right direction.

Others will ask you to use your influence for their benefit. Sometimes this will line up with your mission and sometimes it won’t. That’s why it’s so important to know your calling and how God wants to use you. Once you’ve figured out calling, leverage your influence for that purpose but be cautious of who and what you align with to avoid getting caught up in something that is not on mission. (See Nehemiah 6 for a great example of doing this well)

When used wisely, influence can increase but can just as easily be lost if not carefully stewarded. Don’t give away your influence to something that’s not on target.

Aiming your influence can be a little like a hound dog chasing a rabbit. If he keeps at it, he’s got a shot at eventually catching the rabbit. But, if he starts trying to chase two or three rabbits, he’s just going to wear himself out and probably not catch anything. Know your rabbit and stay on track.

You may strongly disagree with someone’s views on a topic but it’s important to consider whether arguing with them will serve God’s purpose for your life. Holding back from response does not equate to apathy, it’s a matter of choosing where to use your influence. By not getting pulled into a heated off-mission debate, you maintain the ability to speak into the other person’s life and engage in a way that will lead them closer to Jesus.

How will you use your influence today?

In pursuit of His best,


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