Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Book Review: Beautiful Outlaw

I've read several books by John Eldredge and enjoy his writing. The imagery, language, and stories he uses to illustrate different concepts really bring into better light the nature of Jesus. While I didn't love Beautiful Outlaw, I did like it.

At times, it was difficult to engage with the book and while the material was good, in places it seemed to miss a driving theme. As the book progressed though, it became more apparent that it was written during a time of recent difficulty in Eldredge's life. This vulnerability does help to more fully appreciate and believe the guidance he offers and understand how to interact with Jesus even in times of brokenness.

It is apparent that Eldredge knows Jesus intimately and talks with him like he would a friend or family member. The most helpful parts of the book were when he asked the reader to stop, pray, and ask Jesus to speak to particular areas in the reader's life and/or heal brokenness. This further encourages people to talk with him throughout the day and not just at dedicated times.

As an overarching theme, the book looks at the personality of Jesus and how he had emotions and a personality like any person does. In turn, it discusses how to use this understanding of him to better engage with him. The book is certainly uplifting and will provide encouragement whether you're experiencing hardship or would just like a different take on the personality of Jesus and how he interacts with us. (hint, it's not just in a church building)

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