Monday, November 21, 2011

Your Story

A new chapter in the story of your life starts each day. Fill it with excitement as you tackle challenges and overcome obstacles. Let each chapter be filled with lessons and insight as you learn and grow. Give your all, not settling for good enough but seeking the best.

Run races, play games, sing songs, dance freely and unashamedly. Visit new places, meet new friends, take pictures, and send postcards. Pet kittens, ride bikes, smell flowers, and eat amazing food. Read books, write poems, speak passionately, talk to God, and listen to wise people.

Let the dialogue of your story encourage everyone who hears it, always building up, never tearing down. Give grace to the ungraceful, peace to the restless, and hope to the hurting. Offer a helping hand, share expertise, and celebrate when they win.

Live fully and without hesitation. Seize the moment, make the call, take the shot. Do the deal, pray the prayer, pop the question.

Let your life be so rich in experience and full of adventure that when it’s bedtime kids ask to hear your story. No one else can live your story; make it a good one.

In pursuit of His best,


1 comment:

VFletch said...

Yes, exactly! :) Your post said it better than my 140 character tweet!

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