Thursday, April 28, 2011


Do you want to be dangerously effective as a disciple of Christ?

Danger implies an element of risk or lack of safety. As it applies to your walk with God, seek to be a warrior for Him that is dangerous and that the enemy fears. Not that you might have a sense of power but that God would be glorified and His kingdom strengthened.

Warfare is not easy and is wrought with danger. Acknowledge warfare in the spiritual realm but don't shrink to a life of easy comfort. Instead, seek an active and joyful existence spent serving and worshiping God, walking closely with Him, and knowing that he will provide power in battle.

We will not be perfect and will mess up from time to time but this should not prevent us from being used for God's purposes. He is fully capable of using imperfect people to accomplish His will.

As His disciple, seek to learn and grow in your relationship with Him. Share with others and invest in their lives so that they too can know Him.

This kind of life will be dangerously effective.

In pursuit of His best,



Lindsey said...

Penny Stewart sent me your blog recently. Thought I'd send a couple of youtube videos your way that speak of the similar things you speak of here.

Thanks for sharing His truth!

For His Glory,

Andrew Allen said...

Thanks Lindsey, I really like the Al Mohler video

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