Wednesday, January 19, 2011

God at the Grocery Store

Today, at the grocery store I had an experience that on the surface was a case of poor customer service. I had gone to the deli to pick up some turkey and the deli clerk was talking with another person who was either a friend or casual acquaintance. She went on and on for several minutes and was quite involved in the conversation (from what I could tell she was complaining about something) but was not engaged in any tasks related to work. This kept up for some time and she seemed oblivious to my presence and need for assistance until finally the other person mentioned something to make her aware of a customer needing help and that he should probably get going.

I didn’t let the incident get to me too much but as I was thinking back over it, I realized that this type of thing probably happens at a deeper level more than we realize. We might be going along in life and get wrapped up in our own little world, interacting with friends and not even realize someone on the periphery that needs help or is reaching out to us.

From time to time, it’s important to look around in case there are people that we can minister to that we might not be aware of at first. It could be something as simple as being a listening ear or lending a hand. Maybe the person is hurting and looking for more in life than what they’ve known so far. Look for opportunities to break out of the normal bubble of life and be available to engage people at their point of need and be Jesus to them.

Who is someone you can be Jesus to?

In pursuit of His best,


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