Saturday, February 14, 2009


Speechless by Steven Curtis Chapman and Scotty Smith

I really enjoyed Speechless.In this book, Steven Curtis Chapman and his pastor Scotty Smith walk us through the disruptive grace of God. Each chapter starts with the lyrics to one of Chapman's songs which helps to set the tone for the discussion. Chapman and Smith then delve into how God has moved in their personal lives and take us through their personal stories. This also provides more background as to where the songs came from and why they were written. Being a long time fan of Chapman's music, I was interested to learn more about his journey from childhood, to budding musician, to well known Christian artist.

Many times people in the ministry feel they must put on an act and their happy smiley face as if all is well with the world. Ministers have many of the same hurts and hangups as the average person. Both Chapman and Smith are honest about the need to let down the hair and be real at times. God worked in their lives to take them in different directions than they may have imagined. By disrupting their pre-conceived lives, God poured His grace into them and allowed them to experience Him in deeper and more meaningful ways.

I read the book a chapter at a time rather than going straight through it. While the book is not so deep that multiple chapters at a time are too difficult to take in, I felt that reading it over a period of time allowed more of the message to sink in. This book is an excellent encouragement to anyone in being real with God, especially anyone in the ministry.

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