Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Riding With 5.0

I spent Friday night in the back of a police car. No, not as a bad guy but as a ride along observer of the Kansas City good guys. We hit the streets around 9pm and made a routine traffic stop to get started. We then patrolled around and stopped a few perpetrators.

While going to some calls that came over the radio we had the opportunity to hit speeds over 100 mph which was an adrenaline rush. It definitely gives you a different perspective for when the police are zooming along. If you do hear/see them, get over to the side as quickly as possible. They're going somewhere for a reason.

The most exciting part of the night was when one of the squad cars was in pursuit of a vehicle and the suspect jumped out followed by the policeman. We quickly made our way to the area where the suspect was being tracked by a helicopter. The police men I was with jumped out of the car and ran to the area. I heard bang, bang, bang and then "shots fired, shots fired!" over the radio. A Rottweiler ended up attacking one of the policemen and they had to protect themselves. Ultimately, the suspect was taken into custody and the remainder of the night was spent cleaning up the area and doing paper work. I would highly recommend anyone taking advantage of this type of opportunity to see crime fighting at the ground level.

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