Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Favorite Vocalists

Below are a few of my favorite vocalists.

Mac Powell (lead singer of Third Day): He's got a great southern roots folksy sounding voice
Louie Armstrong: "What A Wonderful World" in my mind epitomizes that mixture of ballad/Jazz/Blues singer with thick vocals
Michael Tait: his voice has a pure melodic sound with the ability to let loose on higher notes
George Straight: classic country singing
Fred Johnson: this is a man at the church I grew up in who's got one of those deep bass voices that one enjoys listening to. When I grow up, I'm going to sing like him :-)

Alison Krauss: her voice has a pure and haunting sound to it that gets down to your core.
Norah Jones: great jazz/blues sound, the type you can sit by a fire and listen to while reading a book
Emily Herod: one of my favorite church singers, she brings energetic melodies and gives a vivacity and life to a song.

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