Monday, October 16, 2006


This weekend, I went to Wimbledon. Mind you the tournament is in the summer but it was still very cool to take the tour and check out the museum. They even had a 3d video image of John McEnroe which gave a tour of the locker room and sundry memories of the great moments in Wimbledon history.

During the winter the grass at Wimbledon is kept at 15 mm, 12 mm in the summer, and 8 mm during the tournament. One interesting note is that foxes live in the complex. You can see the electric fence in the WimbledonCourtNumber1 picture which keeps them off of the court. Due to construction which will create a removable roof on Centre Court, we did not get to actually go inside the court but did get to go inside Court Number 1 which holds around 12,000 people.

I got my picture in the chair/room which the players are interviewed in following the matches. Following the tour, I stopped off at the restaurant for some traditional strawberries and cream, a standard dish at Wimbledon.

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