Sunday, August 06, 2006

In Management- for God

From July 28ths, journal entry: Recently, I got a better picture and perspective on being a manager of that which You have entrusted to me. This is not me and mine but rather Yours. It puts a whole new view on things when I think of managing God's money, God's car, God's apartment, God's time, God's guitar, God's body He has given to me, It helps to bring to light much more the spirit of a partnership. You've entrusted these things, talents, abilities, etc. to me and want to work with me to bring glory to your name and consequently prosper me in my walk with You.

The master/servant relationship seems to have some what of a negative conotation. I don't think it is intended to be taken as a "lording over" type of relationship but really more that of co-laborer, friend, and counselor. Ultimately, yes, master but a master willingly and joyfully served.

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